The Month of May

Mother’s Day

On the 9th of May, we celebrated noble mother’s everywhere. We launched our seasonal Mother’s Day Mini Buffet and we think it contained many goodies that mom would like.

Herbal Chicken with Chicken Essence, Golden Otah Buns with Kewpie Mayo, & XO Fried Rice with Lap Cheong

An entire chicken is simmered in a multitude of Asian herbs and chicken herbal essence, resulting in a rich, herbal broth and tender, fall-off-the-bone meat in our Herbal Chicken with Chicken Essence.

Indulge in generous slices of savory fish otah and crunchy lettuce sandwiched in between toasted golden buns with our Golden Otah Buns with Kewpie Mayo. Together with the mayonnaise, it’s a surprisingly addictive creamy and flavorful combination.

Our XO Fried Rice with Lap Cheong is a bed of seasoned, fluffy rice sprinkled with smoked, air-dried Chinese sausage and punctuated by generous amounts of crispy and salty fried white bait (commonly known as ikan bilis). This dish is both great eaten alone or amazing as a base for all the other amazing dishes that we offer.

Even if we have since phased out our Mother’s Day menu, do keep a lookout for the return of some of our best creations! You can always check out our current menu at

Hari Raya

On 13th of May, Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations began after a month of fasting for our Malay compatriots. We launched our Hari Raya Mini Buffet as a tribute to the muslim community. In it, were a celebration of malay heritage and flavours.

Tauhu Begerdil w Kicap Manis Dip, Grilled Chicken Satay w Condiments, Torched Mentaiko Scallops

Tauhu Begerdil with Kicap Manis Dip is fried taupok filled with creamy potato when dipped into our own Kicap Manis mix. Indonesian in origin, is a sweetened aromatic soy sauce, with a molasses-like flavor derived from the addition of palm sugar.

When grilled to perfection and matched with a pairing condiment, sticks of satay are to die for at parties. Tender piece of chicken skewers that pair really well with the accompanying peanut sauce, they are a quick appetizer by itself or goes great with your choice of rice. Our Grilled Chicken Satay with Condiments is a versatile, well-loved dish.

Crowd-favourite Torched Mentaiko Scallops once again returned to our mini buffet, this time in our Hari Raya menu. From the feedback we’ve been receiving, it was always the first item that gets cleaned out by friends and family. There’s no surprise, as it is impossible to resist yummylicious Mentaiko sauce (cod roe mixed with mayonnaise) torched atop perfectly grilled scallops.

Hari Raya Haji falls on 20th of July, where you can look foward to celebrating our Rasa Sayang Mini Buffet menu.

Heightened Alert & Contactless Delivery

Contactless Delivery

An increase in COVID-19 clusters and community cases has led our government in deciding to implement tighter restrictions to help slow the spread of the virus amongst our local population. At On & On Diners, we wanted to do our part to reduce the possibility of transmission by thoroughly training our drivers in conducting sanitary contactless delivery with our patrons. We also sanitize our sealed delivery bags before and after delivery for maximum safety to protect our precious patrons.

For the safety of our employees, we were also strict on sanitization and social distancing, as well as mandating mask-wearing in the office.

Over the course of a month, the number of community cases have since been steadily dropping and from the bottom of our hearts at On & On Diners, we wish you the best of health.

Zi Char 5 Pax Menu

Zi Char Mini Buffet

Seeing the restrictions on dining in and gathering sizes, we have adapted one of our mini buffets to fit smaller group sizes. In order to bring your family a safe, hassle-free and tasty experience, we introduced our 5 pax Zi Char Mini Buffet. Our menu was inspired by nostalgic dinners our families had together some nights at our favourite kopitiam Zi Char stalls where we indulged in tasty dishes, laughter and good times.

Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish, Tangerine Glazed Honey Chicken, & Chilled Grass Jelly & Longan

Pick up a healthy option with our Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish. Cooked to tender perfection, its soft meat goes very well with the staple of your choice.

Seasoned with beautiful chunks of tangerine chunks and sprinkled with almonds bits for an added crunch, our sweet and savory Tangerine Glazed Honey Chicken is bound to bring smiles to your family.

Finish up the perfect meal with our refreshing concoction of sweet, juicy longan and QQ grass jelly. We reminisce our favourite kopitiam drink with the Chilled Grass Jelly & Longan.

Zi Char Mini Buffet Giveaway — till 13th June!

To thank everyone’s support during these tough times, we hosted a giveaway on our Facebook page of our 5 pax Zi Char Mini Buffet.

As of the writing of this article, the giveaway is still ongoing, so feel free to enter your submission by 13th of June, 11.59pm. Winners will be announced on the 14th!

From now till 13th of June, quote “PHASE2” on all of our mini buffets on checkout to enjoy free delivery (contactless & safe) to your doorstep today!

Visit and check out our mini buffet and bento offerings today!



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