Mother’s Day

On the 9th of May, we celebrated noble mother’s everywhere. We launched our seasonal Mother’s Day Mini Buffet and we think it contained many goodies that mom would like.

Zi char (煮炒 in mandarin), is a Hokkien term that translates to “cook and fry”. Originated locally, it describes a Chinese food stall that provides a wide variety of dishes that approximates home-cooked meals at very affordable prices. Everyone enjoys a satisfying, tummy-filling Zi Char dinner with their family some nights.

Ubiquitous to the best Zi Char stalls is their ability to introduce wok hei into their dishes. “Wok hei” describes a slight char and smokiness that is introduced into the food from stir-frying ingredients in a wok under intense heat on specially-designed stoves. …

Today, we find ourselves reverting back to tighter COVID19 restrictions. In light of the new measures announced, On & On Diners would like to share an update with you on our continued efforts to make sure everyone in our community are well fed and well cared for.

We have since implemented Contactless Delivery for all our orders.

Starting last week, we have changed the default delivery method to contactless delivery to minimize contact between our drivers and customers.

Here’s how we will do it.

  1. Upon arrival, we will sanitize the warmer bag thoroughly.
  2. We will then leave the bag at…

As a tribute to our Malay compatriots in the holy month of Ramadan, we launched a menu oriented around traditional Malay dishes to celebrate Hari Raya Puasa.

Boy was April a month buzzing with activity. Here at On & On Diners, we launched our Hari Raya and Mother’s Day Mini Buffet menus where they featured a wide variety of delightfully delicious dishes such as our Tofu Prawns in Chili Crab Sauce and Tauhu Begerdil with Kicap Manis Dip.

Tofu Prawns in Chili Crab Sauce & Tauhu Begerdil w Kicap Manis Dip

Hari Raya

The Hari Raya Mini Buffet was particularly popular with the influencers in our Malay community. Some figures include actor Danial Ashriq (@danialashh) of Police and Thief fame and actress and entrepreneur, Rosyieqa (@rosyieqa).

Mothers hold a special place in our hearts, and this May, we would like to pay homage to these brave figures that has shaped and molded us into who we are today. Introducing our Oriental Mother’s Day menu, it is packed with nutritious goodies to pamper your mum.

On&On Diners

We are a Singapore-based halal-certified caterer that provides food-catering services featuring regularly-refreshed menus using quality ingredients and recipes.

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